Gandhi Jayanti|mahatma gandhi|why we celebrate gandhi jayanti|holiday on gandhi jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti|mahatma gandhi|why we celebrate gandhi jayanti|holiday on gandhi jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti

   Gandhi jayanti –  A national festival of India on which we celebrate the birth anniversary of Father of India Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – 2 october. On 15 june 2007 UN General assembly adopted a resolution which declare 2 october as International Day of Non-violence.

On gandhi jayanti people gave tribute to late Mahatma Gandhi ji all over India and a ceremony is organised in Delhi where he was cremated. In ceremony prayer, speech and many more are conducted. In schools, painting, essay competition are held and a song has been sung by students ” Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram patti te pawan sita ram”.


Mahatma Gandhi born on 2 october 1869 at Porbandar, kathiwar, India. His father name is Karamchand Gandhi and he was a chief minister of Porbandar (British India). His mother name is Putlibai who was deeply religious and fasted regularly. At the age of 13, he marries with Kasturba gandhi,who was a merchant’s daughter.

In 1885 his father dies and after his death, his new born baby dies. In 1888 his wife gave birth to four sons.


Gandhi wanted to become a doctor but his father wanted him to become a government officer. In 1888 hen he was just 18, they sailed him for London. Young Indian got  struggled with the transition to western culture. He completes his law degree in London and returned back to India.

Gandhi in South Africa 

After struggling to find work as a laywer in India, he obtained 1year contact to perform legal survices in South Africa. Gandhi saw a discremination regarding Indians right and he quickly appelled for the discremination and segregation faced by Indians immigrants at the hand of white British and Bear authorities.

A seminal comes in gandhi’s life on 7 june 1893 during a trip  to Pretoria,South Africa. A white men objected his presence in first class railway and he thrown off from train at Pieteraritzburg. He wakesup and demote himself in fighting the deep disease of colour prejudice help there activists and deny this, but after one year he returned to India back.


In 1906, first mass disobedience  campaign( truth and firmness) is conducted and after one year of struggle,govetnment is in underpressure and accepted compromise negotiable by gandhi and Jan Christian must. The law is for recognisation of Hindu marriage and the obilition of poll tax for Indian to destroy it.

In 1947 india got his independence and on 30 january 1948 when he goes for prayer a man named Nathuram Godsay killed him.

He was a great leader and also known by father of India, i hope you must work as gandhi ji.

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