Samsung Galaxy S9: Still up to the mark?

Samsung Galaxy S9: Still up to the mark?

One thing for sure about Galaxy S9 phone is that it is absolutely gorgeous to look at being one of the prettiest glass slabs now. In an interval of some time, this Korean company is going to launch Samsung Galaxy S10. But is S9 still worth your money?

Reviews of users:

  • Samsung was not lying when they commented about Water Resistant Capabilities being great.
  • Changed Position of the Fingerprint sensor is a plus point and customers are actually grateful for locating it below the camera and not beside it.
  • While talking about Speakers, they are really loud, clear and give some bass too but you will need to turn on Dolby Atmos all time for better experience.
  • The actual conundrum is S9’s battery will last longer than that of S9 plus. If you are in a habit of continuous web browsing, watching youtube videos and playing games, your battery can last for a whole day.
  • Samsung still needs to work on the ways of faster charging.
  • If you are concerned about RAM and chipset, Samsung Galaxy S9 will live up to average needs and expectations. On opening around 15-20 apps at a time, there was no complaint about lag issues. But the device is likely to heat up.
  • Some users complained regarding occasional glitch after the new update installation.
  • Storage is available in three categories- 64/128/ 256 GB with additional card slot having the capacity of big 512 GB.
  • As far as the Camera is concerned, S8 and S9 do not differ much in the auto mode. S9 are the one with better dynamic range and colours in comparison to S8.

Final conclusion is this phone is not perfect but yes it is truely recommendable. Developers of Samsung S9 needs to fix the bugs in update causing glitches which makes home screen to turn off automatically, and with some apps as well.

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